The history of the most expensive Patek Philippe TOP10

Patek Philippe known as the nobility of the watches, the watch has been the price is high. Especially in the auction house, Patek Philippe's general price performance are extremely strong, let alone those who have stories, and complex, very few production of the watches section. Even if it is often known Ref.5002 only discharged into the list tenth, but also platinum models. That the top ten most expensive Patek Philippe are what, see ranking: Tenth: the moon phase Tourbillon Ref.5002P $ 1.5 million Patek Philippe Star Phase Tourbillon Ref.5002 Patek Philippe is undoubtedly the most complex rolex replica uk, before the introduction of Ref.6002. This watch once occupied the watch king's reputation, is the dream of all fans, but a rare style. Patek Philippe Star Phase Tourbillon Ref.5002 has a total of 12 complex features, including 686 components, including the double-tone church chimes bells and the tourbillon time-sensitive devices; front dial display standard time, with calendar and automatic return date display , And moon phase display. The back dial is used to display astronomical functions: to display the northern hemisphere night sky, the stars, the moon track and moon phase. Ref.5002P is its platinum version, the disk color is white, with 43mm watches diameter. The date of the pink date is very bright. Ninth: Patek Philippe pilot watches $ 1.7 million This is a very special Patek Philippe watches - pilot watches. And is a large size of the pilot watch, that Patek Philippe watches diameter of small people, please keep your eyes open. Patek Philippe Pilot uk replica watches was launched in 1936, is also an earlier launch of the pilot watch a brand. At the time, the smaller the disk is normal, most men's watches range from 33-36mm size. But this Patek Philippe watches challenge tradition, its watches diameter even reached 55mm. Far more than the other period of the pilot watches. Therefore, it can be well worn by the pilot. Patek Philippe pilots watch the same use of steel case, black disk with white time scale. There are four indicators on the disk, two second-hand pointer seems to be used only for sub-timing. Eighth: Model 1591 $ 2.24 million In November 2007, the Patek Philippe Ref.1591 replica rolex watches sold for $ 2,240,714 at Christie's auction, ranking eighth in the list. The watch is made in 1944, with a stainless steel case, which is why this section is so expensive the root causes. Patek Philippe rarely produce stainless steel style watches, as early as 1944 style is even less. In addition, this watch also with a very simple calendar and moon phase function, and also with a luminous, very rare in the Patek Philippe watches. It is said that in 2014, Patek Philippe re-launch of stainless steel models, and also have such a complex calendar style. In another list, was ranked in the most cost-effective style of 2014 ranking. Pirates of that, Patek Philippe Ref.1591 for the introduction of this section more complex version. It is too beautiful! Seventh place: Model 2499 First Series (1957) $ 2.28 million The 1957 production rose gold watch in 2007 to 22.8 million US dollars in the auction price of Patek Philippe watches in the history of the most expensive only the seventh. Model 2499 Patek Philippe is said to be named after the first series of watches, so there is such a high auction price. This watch has a time, calendar, moon phase and other functions. 36mm disk on the harmonious layout, 30 minutes timer at 3 o'clock position, the small second hand plate is located at 9 o'clock position. The central chronograph second hand not only records the time, but also can be used for speed (which is a rare and almost no contact with the car, but can speed chronograph). 12 o'clock position of the bottom of the window, respectively, shows the week and month, 6 o'clock position shows the moon phase, the external indicator is the date display. This watch style is very classic style, Patek Philippe is one of the most popular style. Sixth: Patek Philippe Xingyue Tourbillon Ref. 6002 $ 2.28 million 2013 launch of the Xingyue Tourbillon Ref.6002 took Ref.5002 class, become the world's "watch king", with 12 complex functions. In function, Ref.6002 and Ref.5002 almost as a withdrawal, with positive and negative dial, showing a total of 12 complex functions. Including dual-tone church chimes bell three times the time-keeping device and tourbillon; front dial display standard time, equipped with calendar and automatic return date display, and moon phase display. The back dial is used to display astronomical functions: to display the northern hemisphere night sky, the stars, the moon track and moon phase. The difference is that it can display the moon phase rather than the month of age, and the use of the window type of week, month and leap year rather than pointer. Appearance, Ref.6002 make a greater breakthrough, first carved case, the second is the calendar of blue calendar cloisonne enamel and in-fill enamel process, was Patek Philippe as "wrist carving", pricing More than 16 million yuan, about 2.6 million US dollars. Fifth place: 1928 Single-Button Chronograph USD3.637 million The fifth paragraph Patek Philippe expensive watch is a single-button chronograph, produced in 1928. At the May 2011 auction, the Single-Button Chronograph was auctioned at Christie's for a staggering $ 3,637,408. Why is it so expensive? In fact, this is the only remaining Patek Philippe platinum one-button chronograph, which is one of the reasons for its high selling price. This barrel-shaped single-button chronograph loaded in a white gold case, the white disk on the two sub-bezel were placed at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock position. Modern perspective, the hour and minute hands with special charm. The 1928 chronograph also includes Breguet numbers and registers positioned vertically. With the date shown, this expensive Patek Philippe is the product of its Depression, and this watch is ordered by an anonymous special order buyer. Fourth place: Platinum World Time $ 4 million Patek Philippe Platinum World Time has a diameter of 39.5mm 18K white gold case, equipped with Caliber 240 hu automatic winding movement. 24-hour dial, day and night with light and dark colors and day / month markers, 24 legible reference city names, and a distinctive modern clock. The user does not need to stop the time of the watches, no need to adjust the time or calculate the time difference between the two places. Just press the 10 o'clock button several times until the representative city name in the target time zone is aligned with the red arrow at the 12 o'clock position. Each time the button is pressed, the clock will be clockwise forwarded for one hour, while the 24-hour dial and city name dial will move counterclockwise to show the different times of the 24 major cities around the world. In fact, no one would think that a platinum world watches will be fired to 400 million dollars high, and all this occurred in 2002 at an auction. Platinum World watches to 400 million auction price. Third: Patek Philippe Ref. 1527 $ 563 million Patek Philippe Ref.1527 at the 2010 Christie 's auction to 563 US dollars price of the transaction, creating a history of auction gold watch sold a new record price. This Patek Philippe watch is that period style is a very large complex function watch. Of course, compared with the watches of our time, its size is easy to be accepted. The third expensive Patek Philippe watch has several luxury features, which can reach $ 5.63 million price is closely related. These luxury features include gold case, 23 precious stones embedded in the disk, gold and silver-plated matte Arabic numerals. In addition, the Patek Philippe watch has a 37 mm dial, date, moon phase indicator and rail track design time scale. Second place: Caliber 89 $ 6 million Called the king of pocket watch Cal.89, launched in 1989, is the Patek Philippe to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the creation of special pocket watch, known as the world's most complex mechanical watch king, is by far the most complex pocket watch function . Cal.89 has 33 complex functions and 1728 independent parts, 129 ruby ​​bearings, weighing about 1.1 kg. Pocket watch diameter 89 mm, 41 mm thick. After nine years of development and production, engineering huge and complex: with 5 years of development, with a full four years of assembly and production. At that time a total of five substrates to do four watchess, namely gold, platinum, rose gold, platinum version. It is said that the fifth block will be used as a reference collection. The other four, was a Brunei Sultan owned by the royal family. After several easy to master, two 18K gold version of the hands of Japanese collectors, rose gold in the hands of Italian collectors, platinum in a private museum in the Middle East royal family. First: Patek Philippe Super-complication $ 11 million The most expensive Patek Philippe watch in this list is the famous Super-complication. This shocking pocket watch is a man named Henry Graves (HENRY GRAVES) New York bankers customized special pocket watch. Packard's James Ward Packard had the most sophisticated pocket watch while Henry wanted to have a more complex pocket watch through Patek Philippe. Patek Philippe accepted Henry's orders, and in 1932 to create a Super-complication. This 18K gold pocket watch to make Henry won the game, becoming the most complex watch. This Patek Philippe most expensive pocket watch has 24 different functions, more than 900 parts, the complexity is breathtaking. In 1999, Patek Philippe Super-complication in the spotlight auctioned 11 million US dollars, becoming the world's most expensive pocket watch.